Saturday, 31 January 2015

Highlighting Highlighers

For those who know me personally, know that I used to stay as far away from highlighters as possible. I always thought that they would add to any oil already on my face and it just wouldn't be a pretty sight. However, thanks to some awesome skincare products I've found along the years, it has helped me keep the oiliness down and let me enjoy highlighters - hooray! I realized the other day that I've accumulated quite the collection sine my revelation, so I thought to share my top 5 with you.



MAC :: Cheeky Bronze
The 'bronziest' of them all - I normally wear this during the summer months

Guerlain :: Mythic 01 
Definitely the lightest of them all, I think Guerlain recommends that you can wear it as an all-over face powder, but that's too much for me. I use this on days when I'm going for a very minimal makeup look.

Dior :: #002 Amber Diamond 
I have to say, this highlighters lasts forever. It was the first highlighter I purchased about 2 years ago, and its still going strong. I especially love this because of the various shades, you can swipe through all, only the darker bronze shade, or just the lighter shades.

Urban Decay Naked Illuminated :: Aura
It was love at first sight.. or swipe? Enough said. I found this beaut during Christmas time and you can bet it was the only highlighter that adorned by cheekbones for the entire month of December.

Essence Ticket to Paradise :: #01 Tropical Heat 
I decided to include a (much) cheaper one in the mix because highlighters can run pretty expensive and it is hard to find a decent, let alone good, highlighter at the drugstore. In my opinion anyways. This one from Essence does the job, although it does take a little more to apply than the others I talked about. Nonetheless, its still a great highlighter that it straight golden - just the way I like it. ;)

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