Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Spring Neutrals

 t-shirt: zara // blazer: topshop // fur: h&m // jeans: j brand // shoes: sixtyseven // sunnies: gucci

Last week I had the opportunity to work with Narces at Toronto Fashion Week and I wanted to share with you my outfit for the day. I choose to wear this outfit mainly due to practicality. I was responsible for backstage operations which required a lot of running around so comfort was key. Now besides wearing this outfit backstage, it would be perfect to wear for brunch or coffee with the girlfriends. 

I feel like no post of mine would feel right without mentioning weather so I leave you with two words that perfectly sum up my frustration - spring snow.


  1. Wow gorgeous Fatima, what a perfect outfit for fashion shows (and staying somewhat comfortable)! I love the fur on top of the white blazer and those heels are awesome (need me some chunky heeled sandals soon). You look incredibly sophisticated and chic (as you always do), even in that irritating weather of yours! Every time I start to freak out at Vancouver's wishy-washy weather, I remember that we really don't have it that bad over here...

    xx Debbie

    1. Thank so much Debbie! I had been searching for these heels forever and when I finally found them at urban outfitters I had to have them! Yes, to all those complaining about the weather on the west coast, stop! haha