Monday 13 January 2014

Manicure Monday :: Old School Love

Products Used

opi - my chihuahua bites! (what an adorable name) // opi pure lacquer nail apps - gold lace

Hello loves!

As I was recently going through my nail polish drawers, I noticed just how many nail stickers I had in my collection and never even touched. Yes, you could pretty much call it hoarding. To rid of that title, I decided to finally break the ice and use one of these OPI nail apps that I was fortunate to find at my local Dollarama. Read on to see what were my likes and dislikes about the product.



Price/Quantity/Availability :: CDN $2.50 (From Dollarama), otherwise ~CDN $11.95
In one package, you're given 16 assorted sized strips. To "stretch the wear" of it, you can use the strips on just 2-3 nails and pick a coordinating colour to go with it. Alternatively, if your nails are short enough, like mine are, you can also use the other end of the strip to cover smaller nails such as your pinky. You'll notice that I've also done the same here. As for availability, I can't say that I've seen them in any Canadian drugstores, nor specialty hair/nail salons that carry products. I've only seen them at a couple of Dollaramas around Vancouver. For you folks in the States, I've heard that they can be found in a number of places, one being Ulta. 

Quality :: Application + Lasting Power 
I thought the assorted in sizes of the strips themselves was great. By using a rough measure, I was able to find strips that worked for all my fingers, so I'm assuming that they will fit most people's nails. I will also mention that they are fairly easy to apply. All you need to do is apply the correct sized nail sticker, fold down to the edge of your nail, and file the access off with a nail file. However, the stickers were quite thin. During application, the stickers had the tendency to peel off; luckily I only had to re-do one of my nails! As for its lasting power, I noticed that it did last longer than other nail stickers that I've tried and it also didn't have that 'heavy' sticker feeling that some have. 

Pattern Selection 
There is a generous amount of variety, however most do not suit to my liking. I've only seen two thus far that really caught my eye and they're evidently the two patterns that I own.  

Overall ::  7/10
I did mainly decide to pick this up because of its pattern, especially since its black and gold, however it did fall short as the range lacks other attractive designs. I also did not appreciate how easily tearable the stickers are, as it doesn't allow for someone whose in a rush to easily handle this product. I think it took me more time to put on the 6 applications than it would had I done a nail art on my own! One thing I did like about it though was the fact that it didn't feel like a chunky sticker just sitting on my nail. All in all, I would re-purchase this only if I can find it for the low cost of $2.50. From my understanding, it is approximately $12 elsewhere and in that case, its definitely a no-go! 


  1. Lovely! And great review (though perhaps the font is a tad hard to read because of its small size!) that I'll definitely keep in mind. Your nails look exquisite as usual, but I remember the last few times I tried stickers and it was a fiasco... Perhaps practice makes perfect?

    xx Debbie

  2. Thanks Debbie! Always appreciate your lovely comments. Also, thank you for the reminder to increase the font size!
    Yes, they can be a challenge sometimes but the pretty designs always suck me in!