Wednesday 19 February 2014

Life via the Camera Roll #4

You know those periods when you're just cooped up at home and when the first opportunity strikes to get all dressed up, you go all out? Yep. That was this time, hence the need for a selfie. ;)

Although Vancouver is best known for its rainy weather almost year round, I still found the beauty in our city. This picture was taken in Downtown Vancouver, right in between Waterfront and Gastown (a historic little part of Downtown Vancouver that sometimes feels like NYC... sometimes). 

I luckily came across this newer Korean make up brand called Nature Republic fairly recently. So far,  I've tried their toner, cleanser, eyeshadows, face masks, and this lipstick. I have to say, I've been loving the brand so far and it may just even drive me to online shopping (eek!). I found the need to capture this lipstick before it met my lips because of its extremely pretty shape! I've never seen a lipstick shaped as a rose and to match it, even the cap is rose shaped too. I love it when brands put this much effort into their products. Its all in the details.

Ah, Tory, how thy has stolen my heart. I just love the simplicity in designs of a TB and also the quality. I was very fortunate to receive this cross-body for my Birthday a couple of months ago and have been totting it around every opportunity I get. Not to mention, the colour is divine!

Again, talking about Vancouver's weather... such a typical Vancouverite, right? The need for gloves and a nice warm Starbucks latte was during Vancouver's bout of extremely dry and cold weather - it just hurt to even be outside. I can't even imagine how our East Coasters handle this every single winter.

Everyone needs a pamper session. As noticed by the nail polish colours, this was right before Valentine's Day. 

Valentine's Day in bed! Actually, this was short lived as I had a really early morning meeting to get to. 

Paper writing has become sort of a hobby apparently. This past weekend, I spent my entire Saturday and Sunday at my desk (and even acquired a pulled muscle from bad posture) working on assignments. Although I complain about the rain, I actually love it when I'm at home, all bundled up and have a cup of tea and a burning candle by my side.  

Hope you've enjoyed a little snippit of my daily life from the last couple of weeks! Stay tuned for more posts from us this week!



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  1. Hey you! I actually wrote a comment on this post at work but technical issues caused it to be lost in space :( I just wanted to say that it is full of cuteness, including those awesome "L" touchscreen-friendly gloves, your adorable PJs, and your pretty face! So glad that you enjoyed dressing up for my bday party :P Also, love your mug and the lid on it! Also, where did you get that lipstick? So amazing! Last but certainly not least, that TB bag is ah-mazingggg!! <3 <3

    xx Debbie