Saturday 29 June 2013

Sunshine + Shorts

sweater + shorts + shoes + bracelet: h&m // necklace + rings: forever 21 // watch: michael kors // sunglasses: gucci

Well, its the long weekend for us Canadians, the weather is cooperating, and yet I am spending it indoors with my pile of textbooks and assignments *cue self pity*. Anyhow, its not going to stop me from posting this OOTD from a little while ago. Carefree, lightweight shorts are definitely a summer staple for me and paired with this lightweight knit sweater is perfect for those not so super hot days. I recently picked up an awesome pair of shorts from the Gap whilst shopping with my dear friend Debbie from What Doffy Does; as much as we resisted ourselves from shopping, I couldn't pass it up since it was such an awesome deal ($10!). I'll have to show them in an upcoming OOTD post or a haul perhaps. 

In the mean time, have you checked out our Summer Beauty + Fashion Essentials video?  

Lots of love,



  1. Hehe I'm so honoured to be mentioned in this post! Those shorts are gorgeous but for some reason I like the ones you got with me even better ;) Can't wait to see them on you! You rock those neons so well, I love it! I feel terrible that you have to do schoolwork in this weather but then again I had to work today and bus back on hot, sticky, cramped buses and skytrains (shudder)! So we both got some negatives in there haha. Anywho, I'm excited to see you again soon!

    xx Debbie

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