Thursday, 24 October 2013

Currently Coveting #1

Currently Coveting #1

Hello loves!

While the stress of midterm season always leaves me with the urge to shop, unfortunately (or fortunately) time doesn't allow me to do so. Luckily, I can still take a little virtual shopping trip. These are some things that I've been longing for or have had my eye on recently. Hopefully some of them will be mine in the near future. If any of these have caught your attention, I've conveniently linked them all for you in each of their descriptions.

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1. Laptop Bag // No, not just any laptop bag, a pretty looking laptop bag. The one pictured here is from Aldo, and is right up my alley - black, cream, and touches of gold. Perfection. I have seen some other nice ones from Aldo and the great thing is, they're reasonably priced.

2. Toques/Beanies // My non-Canadian friends, I beg you to learn the proper name for this uber cute and practical fall/winter fashion accessory. It is called a toque, pronounced  tewk, and it has been a recent addition to my fav fall accessories. Previously, I always thought that toques looked funny on me as I found it didn't quite sit right with my bangs and all. That all changed a few weeks ago when I picked up a hot pink toque (pictured in my last blog post, click here) and have since purchased another toque, brimmed with fur. Now I just need a simple black one to add to my collection.    

3. Deborah Lippmann Nail Polishes // I think my interest sparked for DL nail polishes when I thought of adding more glitter nail polishes to my collection. (Yes, I realize you probably think I'm crazy for wanting more glitter polish). If you roam around the beauty blogosphere, you've probably heard many bloggers rave about it and I think I finally want to get my hands on at least one to see what the hype is all about.

4. Slouchy Short Boots (Tan Colour) // Okay, maybe not this particular pair from Isabel Marant ($800+), but ones exactly like this, perhaps. I've had my eye on a few but haven't quite committed to the one yet. When I almost did, they didn't have my size. Go figure!

5. Slouchy Cardigans // Do you see a pattern here? Slouchy should be Autumn's middle name. What better way to be warm and cozy than with an oversized cardigan, comfy jeans and some slouchy boots that you can last all day in. I've gotten a couple of these types of cardigans so far, but I need more!

6. Rebecca Minkoff Leather Shoulder Bag // Overdone? Probably. Which is why I've actually had my eye on the updated version of this baby - the Hudson Moto Mini in burgundy. I had trouble finding the link to the burgundy version, I hope this doesn't mean its sold out!   

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