Saturday 22 March 2014

Social Media Avenues

If you haven't already noticed, FTTN has 'scoured' the Internet as of late to search for ways to connect with you. We know that not every social media avenue is everyone's cup of tea, so we want to make our content as accessible as possible for each and everyone of you, while of course keeping our flagship blog as the main point of interest. Since we are on a number of different avenues now, we thought it'd be a good idea to dedicate a post on all the areas you can find us. We realize, slightly OCD but hey, that's our middle name! ;)

One of our favourite things to do is gain inspiration from all over the place, so we would love it if you left your links below! As some of these avenues are new to the both of us, please go ahead and leave some advice for us on how you utilize these social networks! We've left clickable links below for your convenience <3 


Luvania and Fatima

4. Instagram

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