Wednesday 12 March 2014

Tea for Two

As it was my mum's birthday earlier this week, I decided to throw her a little tea party for two in the comfort of our own home. Although I didn't bake the sweet treats myself, I did put together the savoury plate, and hey, I think I get props for setting it up, right? ;) While this isn't the first time I've had a little at-home tea party, I feel like I amped up my game this time for this special occasion for a very special lady. Although I see my mum everyday, it was nice to leave the hustle and bustle of everydayness and just relax and chit chat. 

Read along for the treats we enjoyed and hope you gain some inspiration for your next high tea sesh!



To start, I concocted cranberries, lemon, and mint for what turned out to be a very refreshing (and healthy) fruity water.  

Of course, no tea party is complete without the tea. Since we own multiple tea pots, I thought it'd be nice to have the option of choosing your tea flavours (much like you would at a tea salon). My mum went for a passion fruit tea, while I stuck with my all-time favourite, earl grey. 

Although I don't own a traditional tiered cake stand, I instead opted for all white serveware that still pulled everything together. Our first plate consisted of peperoncini crackers with jalapeƱo havarti cheese and Boursin shallots and chives cheese spread. 

As for decor, I wanted something that was bright and uplifting, especially since the dishes, with the exception of the tea cup and saucer, were all white. That's why I decided to pull in these two bright pink options which are normally housed in my study/office and bookshelf. I also just realized that they sort of match the fruity water! 

Our savoury plate consisted of curried chicken sandwiches, traditional cucumber sandwiches and mushroom crostinis with a smoked salmon cream cheese spread, topped with chives. 

While this may come as a surprise, I actually love to mix and match servingware. I think that this way, its not too matchy-matchy and you get to use a little bit of everything, which helps to add character to your place setting. 

Oh, my favourite plate of all - the sweets. Ours consisted of molten chocolate chip cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate croissants and of course, red velvet cupcakes. I think its safe to say we like chocolate. Everything just melted in our mouths and just typing this relived moment is making my mouth water!

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  1. This is such a cute set up! I'm very much inspired by every picture, you are the queen of cute decor and high tea arrangements-- I esp adore the fruity water and mouthwatering chocolate treats, I want to set up my own high tea now! I remember how amazing the high tea that you set up for me and Sarah, I feel like you stepped it up another level for this special occasion :)

    Please wish your mum a very happy birthday from me!!

    xx Debbie