Friday, 30 May 2014

Top 4 MAC Eyeshadows

Since I've had the wonderful opportunity to travel for work lately, I've truly learned how to pack "light." Yes, I realize my definition of light is probably not the same as a guy's definition of light, but its definitely a fraction of what I have accessible to be at home. One of the key things for me is reducing the makeup, a good tip to keep in mind is to always save those random samples that you receive at places like Sephora. They have come in so handy for me. 

While mascara and lipgloss samples are easy to come by, eyeshadows aren't so much. Which is why this little $1 E.L.F. palette came in handy as it fits MAC eyeshadows in there perfectly (no need to splurge on the MAC travel case - whose really going to see it?). I chose these 4 to take with me on my travels as they're all neutral and go well with each other. Please note the swatches below are without an eyeshadow primer, which makes a huge difference. 

Hope this helps any of you who are jetting off on summer vacays in the next few months! 



Top Left: All That Glitters 

Bottom Left: Brule

Top Right: Soft Brown

Bottom Right: Espresso

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