Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Fall Skincare Routine

My quest for perfect skin is never ending. I'm by far the biggest sucker for purchasing things based on recommendations, so it comes with no surprise that this list of products is ever evolving.  If it's working for you then it's something I need in my life NOW! I know it may sound a bit over the top, but I know I am not alone on this quest. 

I tend to change my skincare products as the seasons change. In the summer, I opt for lighter products and switch them out for heavier products in the winter. With that being said, the bulk of my items do tend to stay the same (until someone advises me otherwise of course). 

Lately I've been all about micellar water. I was definitely late on this bandwagon but I'm certainly happy to be on it.  The most popular brand of micellar water has got to be Bioderma, and shortly after their success, the competition decided to launch their own versions of micellar water. Of the two that I have tried, this ROC one is by far my favourite. 

As far as cleansing goes, I use products with an exfoliating base. I find this helps treat my biggest concern - the milia on my forehead. I use a less abrasive product everyday - Yes to Grapefruit and a The Body Shop's Tea Tree exfoliator two-three times a week. 

By far the most crucial step in any skin care routine is moisturizing. I have proclaimed my love for argon oil in the past, and it continues to be a favourite. While I use my argon oil at night, I depend on Cetaphil in the day, and at $15 a piece, what is not to love about it? I recently added a serum into the mix and am noticing the benefits.
Bless my mother and her hooded eyes! I try to believe that these two product will help me combat my family's hooded eye genes. Hopeless wishing? - most likely, but a girl has to believe.
Finally, I want to share my favourite products for when all else fails and that nasty, hormone raging pimple decides to surface! There's no need to stress over blemishes because if anything, all the stressing will only result in more blemishes. Tea tree oil and the drying lotion can be used interchangeably on new blemishes. Adding a mask will help with calming your skin and really clearing out your pores.

I hope this gives you guys some ideas on new products to try out and perhaps ones to add into your own skincare routines.


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