Monday, 2 February 2015

Manicure Monday :: Twinkle In My Heart

You didn't think we would start off the first post of February without a Valentine's inspired post, did you? Although retail has had "love in the air" since December 27th, I was definitely not ready to embrace glittery hearts and lip-shaped chocolates until the dawn of February 1st. Wanted to kick off this red and pink festive time with a classic red with a hint of red and silver glitter - being careful not to tread backwards into Christmas land! For next week's Manicure Monday, I plan to venture into something outside of pink and red. Not quite sure what I've got panned, guess we'll both have to wait and see! 



Ps - In case you're wondering if there's really a twinkle in my heart... nope, but it sure does make a cute blog post title, doesn't it? 

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