Friday, 5 December 2014

Life via the Camera Roll #5 :: The Festive Edition

Hello loves! 

Today I thought I take you on a trip through my recent Instagram feed and I've dubbed it as the "Festive Edition" since well, its that time of the year! As I'm sure you're already well aware, I'm quite a Christmas fanatic, so I tend to take a quick snap of anything I find around town that resembles a picturesque Christmasy scene. 

What's the outcome of that? Lots of Instagrams!

Enjoy :)



The first Christmas sighting worthy of an Instagram - a sight spotted sometime in November at a pop-up Christmas shop at the local mall. While I don't tend to buy any decor from this uber expensive store, I do love to pick up various hot chocolate mixes that my family and I like to enjoy while wrapping presents or watching a movie on a weekend night. Flavours range from s'mores (my fav!), double dark chocolate, candy cane.. and lots more. 

Every year, the Christmas village is my "job." I don't see it much of a job, because I enjoy doing it every single year. For the last few years, my villages have multiplied as we now have 3 winter villages in our home. This one pictured here is the standard winter village scene. The other two, which have surprisingly yet to be Instgrammed are based around a silver and gold theme. 

Ta da! There she is - all lit up. This year's Christmas tree theme is bronze and gold. Yes, we're crazy and like to change up our tree colours every. single.year. We also decided to change up the ribbon for the first time and I have to say, I like it much better curled downwards as opposed to around the tree. 

Sometimes I feel like half the reason I buy so many presents is so I can wrap them. Yes, I'm a serial wrapper. Sue me. PS - Check out this uber chic mug my mom picked up from me from Winners, only $4!  

Amidst the holiday hustle and bustle, I decided to take on my first mentee! Exciting times for me, as I've never been a "mentor" before. Here I was, awaiting my mentee at our local Starbucks like an eager beaver, I had enough time to Insta the moment. 

The holiday season is not complete until an advent calendar is in the mix. This year is my first time having a non-chocolate advent calendar and I'm loving it! A "sweet" treat from The Body Shop everyday - what's there not to like? I was SO surprised at how much I love this Almond Hand & Nail Cream. Although the packaging has some work (it spontaneously oozes out sometimes), the formula of this cream is marvellous. 

 Unconventional Christmas decor at its finest. 

Although some may think that having a Birthday around Christmas is "unlucky," I actually think the opposite! Maybe because I have no choice or maybe because I'm one of those crazy "Christmas people." Regardless, I love this time of year and I'm glad my birthday falls around it as well (exactly 1 week before!). Since I'm turning a quarter of a century (AKA 25) this year, I thought I'd through a bash at my home. As you can probably already guess from my Pinterest board, yes, the theme is Black, White & Gold. Classic.  


  1. Great post, LOVE the tree! I'm more excited for Christmas this year than ever haha xx

    Suki and the City