Saturday, 31 August 2013

Montreal Trip

Today I wanted to share some pictures from my trip to Montreal. Can I start by saying how absolutely beautiful this city is! Every corner is blooming with flowers and every cafe has you craving a bagel and coffee. Speaking of bagels, the food is something I could go on for hours about. 
If you're planning a trip be sure to check out Beauty's Luncheonette for their smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel. For a quick bite stop by F bar and try their calamari and salmon dish( pictures above). If you're in the mood for Italian food give Scarpetta a shot, their staff is extremely helpful and the food is phenomenal. Finish off with some macaroons at Point G, where you'll find a variety of  unique flavours. 


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  1. What stunning photos, what a great travel diary post! I've always wanted to visit Montreal since I've heard so many wonderful things about it but now I just have to visit soon! I also loved the cute Instagram posts you put up during your trip :P

    xx Debbie