Tuesday, 17 March 2015


coat: zara // top: h+m // jeans: forever 21 // booties: ardene // accessories: colette (singapore) + icing // watch: marc by marc jacobs 

You know when you've been waiting what feels like an eternity to wear something and the occasion just doesn't seem to come? That's exactly how I felt with this light pink coat. I picked this up during Zara's boxing day/week specials - I ended up going towards the end of the sale when everything had already been greatly picked over, but I managed to score this for only $50! I sort of umm'ed and ah'ed about it since I wasn't sure if I'd have too many occasions to wear it in the near future, but the bargain won me over once again. 

With the lack of special occasions in the near future and the warmer temperatures in Vancouver, an opportunity to wear this gorgeous coat wasn't coming avail. But since it was my mum's birthday last week I decided to wear it, regardless of our warmer temps!

Do you often get swayed by irresistible bargains too?



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