Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Two Look Tuesday :: Mixed Prints

Blouse - American Eagle // Pants - Uniqlo // Sandals + Accessories + Sunglasses - H&M // Watch - Kenneth Cole

blouse & jacket: zara // skirt: unknown // shoes: nine west // bracelet: forever 21

Hello Lovlies!

Today we have another two look Tuesday, featuring mixing prints. Now I must admit this was by far the toughest trend for me wear so naturally I went for a more subtle print ( I promise the skirt is printed).



  1. Wow, I adore both of these outfits!

    Luvania: Can I steal those pants already?? I've been looking for those exact pants everywhere lately but it seems that I missed my chance bc they are nowhere to be found! :( Also, that chevron print blouse is amazing, very nice job of grabbing those!

    Fatima: I adore the color of that skirt and those heels are gorgeous! And I love how you paired a moto jacket with the rest of the outfit :) The perfect transitional outfit to take into fall!

    xx Debbie


    1. Hi Deb!

      Haha if only you weren't so tiny, we could share clothes! I actually got these pants from Singapore last year, but I have seen some at F21 every now and again. I guess you just always got to be on the look out ;)



    2. Haha I wish so too because you have the cutest taste! Oh well, I can steal def raid your nail polish collection muahahah! ;) I forgot what shoe size you, I'll find out on Tuesday I guess hehe

      xx Debbie