Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Pink Pop

Coat - Gap // Pants + Shoes - Bluenotes // Hat - Joe Fresh // Bag - Tory Burch // Faux Fur Stole - H&M

Hello loves! 

Well, you'd think that Vancouver's weather would't surprise me anymore, especially having lived here for over 17 years, but it has once again! I had originally planned to wear some suede Topshop booties, but when I received a message from a friend saying it was snowing, that plan went out the window! 
It was über cold, so I just could not bear to take my coat off, even after having a warm and delicious pizza with my dear friend Debbie from What Doffy Does. Had the weather been warmer, you would've seen a caramel coloured blouse with black trimmings from Forever 21. 

What's the weather like in your neck of the woods? 




  1. You are so very beautiful!!!

  2. such a pretty look !
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  3. At my neck of the woods, I believe it's much the same as you :P You look lovely in these snowy pics! I only wish I got more outfit post in the snow yesterday but alas! work calls... You look so pretty in this outfit, I adore that bucket hat and that coat (as I have already mentioned to you in person).

    xx Debbie