Monday, 27 October 2014

Festive Dinner Inspiration

Hello loves! 

I know I said there'd be an exciting Manicure Monday up for today, but I'm going to have to keep you in suspense for just a little longer... I realized that I still had some pictures from my family's Thanksgiving dinner that I was excited to share with you. 

Yes, the meal was cooked by none other than yours truly - with the exception of the stuffing, because Butterball just does it oh so well and dessert, because a girl can be short on time! That cheesecake was "grandma's recipe" - BUT, I did make the fresh strawberry coulis that was drizzled (or doused right after that picture was taken!) on top.

For dinner, I made a Creole inspired blackened chicken (yes, not turkey because that's the way we like it), scalloped potatoes, chickpea salad, roasted cumin cauliflower and of course, gravy. As for dessert, I picked out a traditional New York cheesecake since I was eager to make coulis for the first time. It surprised me just how easy it was - and better in my opinion than store bought since you can control the sugar. 

Hope this inspires you for your next (and fast approaching) holiday dinners! 



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  1. wow, that looks very tasteful! wonderful decoration